Client stories

Warren and Pat

“Helena just makes life easier for us. We don’t have to worry about our day to day spending.”

We moved from Edgware in 2011, having lived there for 37 years. We bought a new house and were fortunate enough we had some money left over from the sale. We decided that we would put some money away. We wandered into Nationwide in Stevenage and that was our sliding doors moment – out stepped Helena.

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“Knowing that I’ve got someone to rely on is so important.”

I’d had a bad experience with a past adviser and lost money in the process. We went to a solicitor and got introduced to Jonathan. Jonathan brought it all around for us. Ever since then he’s done everything for us. Knowing that I’ve got someone to rely on is so important.  I trust him entirely to do things properly. If there’s anything I need to ask, I can phone him and ask the question. He always gets back to me. Always!

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“They really make you feel as though they have your interests at heart. They’re interested in you as a person.”

I’d managed my finances pretty much myself for a long period of time, with occasional help, but it’s quite a lot to manage when you’re still working. I was looking for someone to share the load and keep track of things, which I knew a financial adviser could help me with. I knew Helena from when she worked at Nationwide, so I sought her advice.

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“I feel very lucky to have found a trustworthy financial adviser.”

I live in Letchworth Garden City with my husband, grown-up son and Molly the dog. I’ve lived there all of my life, and worked for an insurance company for 38 years, starting as an administrator and finishing as a medical underwriter. When I was made redundant four years ago, I decided I would like to retire if I could.

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“I’m continuing to enjoy my retirement, and I’m confident that I will for many more years to come!”

I worked as an HR Director for a pharmaceutical business for 26 years. In 2002 I set up a consulting and contracting business with my husband. When he retired in 2011, at the age of 65, I decided to retire at the same time, even though I am a few years younger than him.

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Neil and Penny

“Jon gives us the confidence to go in the right direction.”

We met Jon as he was looking after Penny’s parents’ financial affairs. Penny’s dad had become ill and her mum needed help with investments. Penny’s mum felt very at ease; as did we. Jon was very helpful. He provided a lot of advice concerning tax-efficient investments, as well as care home costs and everyday finances.

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Doug and Sue

“We are now mindful of our plan... It feels good to be in control.”

We are a married couple with two grown-up children. Our goal was to retire early at 55 with the same standard of living. We didn’t expect it to be achievable, as we didn’t have a clue about any of our pensions; Doug had several as he has moved around and had also been self-employed, and I had just the one. When we looked at the illustrations we received from the providers, we didn’t understand them. We felt that we were in a poor position.

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“I no longer have to worry.”

I had a previous financial adviser who had put all my money into property. I lost over £100,000. I spoke to a solicitor and he introduced me to Jon Smith. Jon came to meet me, and I told him about my situation and also that of my daughter Lynn; she had also lost money with the same adviser.

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“I trust him implicitly. I’ve never had a complaint from a client about him.”

Jon has a way of speaking to clients in plain English that helps them understand what we’re trying to convey between lawyer and financial advisor. Jon’s very good at making the complex simple. He’s very, very, good indeed.

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Andrew and Ann-Marie

“We came to realise that without a financial plan, we’d keep on drifting without any concrete dates, timescales, values or milestones.”

We’re a professional couple with no kids. I run my own marketing business and Ann-Marie works in the City. We work really hard and even manage to put some money aside for a rainy day. We’ve dabbled in stocks and shares but without any clear strategy.

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“He’s always in my corner.”

To have Jon in my corner has been really important over the last few years because it’s given me that point of reference. What should I do about this? And he’s somebody I can trust, who knows me, who has the history of 25 years.

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