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Financial planning is about you, what you are trying to achieve and how your money fits in with this.

We follow a structured, five-step process when creating your financial plan. This allows us to establish exactly what you want to get out of the process and how we can best help you achieve your goals.

This doesn’t just mean listing what you have and what you owe. It means understanding what changes you would like to see now and in the future.

We spend time listening to you because it is only through listening that we fully  understand your circumstances and aspirations. We will also help you cut through the jargon and complexity often associated with financial planning. Our aim is to help explain the concepts that are relevant to you, clearly, so you understand all the options available and can make informed decisions.

You can read more about each of the stages below.

Our financial planning process


Our initial meeting

This will normally be a face-to-face meeting. The main purpose of this meeting is to obtain as much information as possible relating to your financial circumstances and your lifestyle objectives. We never charge for this meeting. If you decide to go ahead, we will progress to stage two.

Building the picture

This involves gathering data and researching your current financial situation and arrangements. We will then analyse the information you provide us with and prepare a report.

Creating your financial plan

This is where we present our report to you and make our recommendations for how you can achieve your financial and life goals. It may be as simple as making a few changes. Sometimes it may involve compromises to help you achieve your aims. We will always be supportive but most of all, we will be honest and upfront.

Making it happen

If you decide to proceed with our recommendations, we will  implement the agreed actions and liaise with any relevant third parties on your behalf. We always absorb the hassle wherever we can.

Keeping you on track

Reviewing your plan is as important as creating it. Therefore, to ensure your objectives are achieved, we recommend regularly reviewing your strategy. These review meetings are optional and their regularity can be tailored to your need, but they allow us to check that what we have implemented continues to be appropriate and helpful.

Meet our clients

We asked our clients what they value in their relationship with us. Here are a few of the things they told us, in their own words.

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