At retirement

Retirement today comes with more choices than ever. Changes to pension rules and to the way we view our years after work, mean that a retirement can now be as unique as you are.

And with careful planning, these could be the most fulfilling years of your life.

Planning for a fulfilling and secure retirement

Some people like to gradually phase into it, others can’t wait to down tools and hit the retirement road. For others, who truly love their work, it’s something to put off. Whatever your questions, worries and aspirations, we’re here to help you enjoy every minute of your retirement.

There are a myriad of options now available to meet your income needs once you slow down or stop working. You could have a range of pensions and investments you’ve accumulated over your working life which you need some help understanding. You may want to be sure you won’t run out of money, or help working out how to achieve your retirement dreams without damaging your long-term financial health.

How we can help

There are a range of ways to provide income in retirement, and the right one for you may not be one single option, but a combination of several.

The ideal solution for you will depend on the income you need, how secure or flexible you want to be, and your priorities for the years ahead. If you wish to provide for loved ones, we’ll also need to take that into account, along with any tax that may be due and how we can keep this as low as possible.

Our role, as your financial planners, is to resolve all these competing elements to find the right option for you. We will work with you to help give you the financial security you need not just in the early years, but throughout your entire retirement. We will then regularly review this with you to ensure you stay on track and that your arrangements remain suitable for your changing needs.

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